To make innovation possible in your company, you need to connect with your customers. Understanding the four different type of customers can be difficult, therefore I made this list to make it easier to understand your customer and use their behavior to your advantage to create customer loyalty.   

Brand laziness

This client does not really care about the brand he/she buys and just takes the first one they see. In other words, there is no loyalty towards the product or store. For example a bottle of water. Even though some people prefer a specific brand, they won’t hesitate to buy a different brand if they want water. For these customers, you should keep it all the same. Keep the same branding and don’t change the location in stores. These customers are looking for comfort and do not want to search for the products, as they are usually simple products that they don’t necessarily need.   

Brand loyal consumer

These customers have a preference towards a specific brand or store and will always go to the same place to get the products they need. They have a hard time stepping over to a different store or brand. As these customers are looking for comfort and always return to the same place, you should offer them good service and be consistent with your service. Help them as far as you can and be alert their needs.

Variety seekers

As you have guessed, they seek variety. They are looking for different brands and stores to try them all. They do this, as they are yet to fall in love with a brand. That can be good if you are better than your competitors are, but bad if you are not. For these customers, it is best to make them stop doing this as soon as possible by offering discounts, free trials and get them connected to your loyalty program.

Problem solvers

They are customers that are dealing with complex products that involves a risk. A lot of information is needed by the customer, especially if it’s a products that is not often bought. They need some time to think about their choices as it sometimes comes with a bigger than normal price tag. These consumers need a lot of information, but mostly be sure that they can find it in store, while being helped by a salesperson or online. Let the customer know how you are better than the competition and draw comparisons.

Loyalty is a key aspect to creating retention rates. Therefore, you need to understand your customers and use their behavior as an advantage by giving them what they need, while creating customer loyalty.

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