There are many things that we used to do, but has change without us even knowing about it. These are a few things changed through the times. Due to the uprising of technology, many of these things don’t exist anymore or are no longer necessary.

  1. Remember when you used to remember phone numbers? The times have changed so much that you barely know your spouse’s number out of your head. Everything is stored on your phone, that’s why we think its unnecessary information
  2. Photo albums are very old school and I haven’t seen one in a while. If you are spending hours with a photo’s, you are either posting them on Instagram or putting them on your computer for backup.
  3. CD’s barely still exist. With the uprising of streaming platforms and downloading music, people don’t buy CD’s anymore. Everyone has a collection of CD’s, but they just collect dust.
  4. E-mails are the best way to communicate with people around the world. Therefore, nobody sends any handwritten letters anymore. It’s almost considered art if you can write a perfect handwritten letter.
  5. If you don’t know the meaning or spelling of the word, you immediately jump to google. That is why, dictionaries are dying out and nobody uses this to look up the spelling or meaning anymore.
  6. Carrying cash is outdated. Everyone uses their credit card to pay, even if it is only 50c. It’s much faster  to just use your credit card plus cash is irritating and coins make your wallet fat.
  7. Telephone booths now have credit card strips, but that does not mean that people use them anymore.  Everyone has a cell phone nowadays. If cellphone has no battery, you don’t even think of using a telephone booth, you’d rather ask someone to borrow their cellphone.
  8. Using maps is difficult and irritating. Luckily we barely have to use them anymore. With cellphones and GPS’s, we don’t have to struggle like in the old days.

There are a lot more things that we used to do, but are changing with the times. Technology is changing our lives and mostly in a good way luckily.

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