Sustainable development is crucial for company and one of the biggest innovations right now. Here we will discuss a few easy ways that your company can be sustainable and grow greener.

Office supplies

Pens are made of plastic and plastic is not the best for the environment. Therefore, instead of throwing all your pens away, use refillable pens. This will ensure that you use one pen for a longer time instead of losing track of your pen and just using another one. Big businesses throw out many pens without even realizing how much it is.


We live in a digital era. The easiest and most effective way to send mail around is with e-mail. This way you save a lot of paper. If you really need to send mail, use re-usable envelopes or eco-friendly envelopes. An effective tip can be to make sure that your mailing list is up to date. If it is up to date, it would not be necessary to send out paper letters.


A lot of furniture is thrown away by offices after moving or remodeling. As a business, these things can be donated to charities or given to someone who needs it. Many start-up companies may need furniture and don’t want to waste money on furniture at the beginning. Giving or selling furniture can be useful to the other person and great for the environment.


Employees can drink water from the tap. They can use a glass or a reusable bottle to fill, instead of buying bottled water. This way the business can save plastic. If people think that the water is dirty from the tap, you can invest in a filtration system to ease their minds.

Reduce household energy

There are many ways to do this in your business. Install energy-efficient appliances, open windows instead of using air conditioning and replace light bulbs with LED lights.  These things might be an investment in the beginning, but will save you money in the end, while you are also environmentally friendly.

Separate trash

Many things of different materials are thrown away every day. If you separate them into different bins and check when which bin must be thrown out on which day. This is little bit more effort, but surely someone would nominate themselves to do it as it does not have to be done every week. This is one of the easier ways to recycle and develop sustainable.

These are some easy ways can practice sustainable development. Countries are also looking into changing the laws so that sustainable businesses would have less tax. Therefore,  I would definitely recommend going green and thinking of new ways you can be sustainable.

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