When it comes to eating pizza, there are several options to choose from. You can eat pizza at a restaurant, you can make your own pizza, you can order pizza at a fast food outlet or you can buy a pizza in the supermarket. In this article we’ve described the pros and cons of each option!

Pizza restaurant

Let’s start with eating pizza at a restaurant. This is obviously the most expensive option. However; it’s also more than just “eating”. Going to a restaurant is a night out with friends or family! The service is also an advantage of a restaurant. You don’t have to do anything yourself, you just have to order your pizza and enjoy! And last but not least the quality of the pizzas in restaurants is usually topnotch.

Make your own pizza

When you’re making your own pizza you have to do a lot more work. However; this can also be something that you enjoy doing! It’s also way cheaper, and you can fully decide what you put on your pizza. This means that you can make your own creation with ingredients you like, instead of having to choose between standard pizzas!

Fast food pizza

Pizza from a fast food restaurant is cheaper than pizza from a regular restaurant. They usually also contain more fat. Whereas they often serve Italian pizzas in regular restaurants, the pizzas from a fast food outlet are often American pizzas. A huge difference between Italian and American pizza is the crust. The pizza crusts of Monte Pizza Crust for example are real Italian ones.

Frozen pizza (supermarket)

The fourth option is buying a frozen pizza at the supermarket, and putting it in your own oven. A disadvantage of this method is that the ingredients aren’t fresh. This makes frozen pizzas less healthy and tasteful. You also have limited options when buying frozen pizza at a supermarket, and can’t make changes when it comes to the ingredients. However, it is a cheap and convenient option. You can also put in your oven at any time. So if you want some pizza at midnight or even in the morning, it’s no problem at all!

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