Writing a business plan can be hard, but if you follow this simple outline, it is surely possible. A good business plan does not have to very complicated and is in fact, very simple. Just follow these simple steps to know how to write a business plan.

Executive summary

Although this would mostly be in the beginning of your plan, I would recommend writing this last. This is a summary of all the highlights that is in your plan, so it a very important part of your plan. They read this and then decide if they want to keep reading or not. Here you should have your problem your solving, solution, target audience, the team and your financial plan. Keep it short and simple, but interesting


This is where you explain your solution to the problem and how it will affect the customers. This is where you include the price list and what you are selling. Here you should go in as much detail as possible, but don’t forget the point that you are trying to make.

Market analysis

Here you need to know whom you are targeting. Describe the consumers and their problems and how these problems would be solved with your product or service. You should also be sure to highlight what makes you different from the existing companies in the market and why there is room for you in the market.


This section needs to be very detailed. Use this section to describe exactly how you will make it work. Your sales plan, marketing plan, location, equipment and how you will be tracking your business should all be included here. Here you should describe everything you do during the day and all the operations that are happening. They want to see your vision on paper.

Company and management summary

This should be an overview of you. It should describe the management system and just your business in general. Be sure to give a background of the founder, who the owner is and the status of your company.

Financial plan

The most important thing that should stand here is the projected profit and loss and cash-flow tables and the projections for your company. You should also have the balance sheet, sales forecast, business ratios and break-even analysis included in this section.

This is a basic outline for you to give an idea of how to write a business plan. I hope this has helped you to make your business succeed. Keep business trends in mind when thinking of a new company.

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