There are many different leadership styles, but your style depends on your personality and the different qualities you posses as a person. Find your leadership style and excel as a leader.

Democratic leader

This leadership style is commonly effective and is a great leadership style. It takes everyone in consideration and gives everyone authority no matter how high they are on the ladder. In a meeting, they would take every idea and all the feedback to make a decision. This is the most preferred style of leadership within the workplace.

Autocratic leader

This person gives himself all the power and makes decisions by himself. He gives instructions to employees and expects them to respect his decision and that they act immediately on his instructions. This is not the preferred leadership style within the business world and is rarely effective.

Laissez faire leadership

The term laissez faire literally translates to ‘let them do’. That already says enough about this style. This style gives employees a lot of responsibility, as there are not many deadlines and it gives the employees a lot of flexibility. This is a somewhat effective leadership style, but should be kept in check.

Strategic leadership

This leadership style is focusing on the company’s growth opportunity and the main operations. This style also causes the other people to think together and be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. These leaders can be dangerous sometimes, as these leaders often don’t see what the best direction is for the company to grow towards.

Coaching style

This leader does not directly lead his employees, but indirectly. Rather than telling them what to do, this leader teaches the employees different skills and boosts their motivation. He grows every employee in a different department so that the business can grow a broad, but strong team in the end. This is an effective way of leading; just don’t forget to take the lead when the time comes.

Transactional leader

This leader demands high quality with strict deadlines, but rewards them for precision work. He rewards his employees for exactly the work they do and establishes roles for each employee. The only negative thing that can come forward is that he employees can figure out what the minimum amount of work is needed to get their bonus and will not give their best. However, with good motivation, you can get the best out of your employees.

These are the most popular leadership styles. It is hard to know which style should be implemented in which situation, but it’s good to know what kind of leader you are. However, you should be able to adapt to different situations.

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