People are thinking of different ways to improve living every day and that includes the future of houses. These are the biggest innovations that are people are working on for the homes of the future.

Self-sustaining homes

Houses will be more self-reliant and will not need so many external resources as they do today. To do this, they will make houses more ‘natural’ than they are now. Built in solar panels, natural ventilation, greenhouses for self-vegetation and built in water filtration and collection systems will all be built into the future houses. This will help to decrease the footprint of houses, but it may cost a bit more than houses today considering everything that needs to be done and the materials.

Smart homes

A smart home is a home where there are different appliances that are all connected via Wi-Fi that can be controlled remotely. These products include smart TV’s, smart light bulbs, smart thermostats and even doors.your tablet and smartphone will be able to control all of these things. Therefore, this is a great way to be most cost efficient. If you forgot to turn off your thermostat, you can do it remotely and save energy costs. This will make life easier and safer. A lot of people are already investing in smart homes, it is just a matter of if you already want it or not.

New materials

The materials to build a house with, will change. The materials will be more sustainable and stronger. Materials like bio plastic, 3D printed graphene and homeostatic facades are set to come forward to change the ways that houses are built. The main material is bio plastic as this will be replacing bricks. Unlike normal plastic, this plastic will be made by biodegradable materials.

Tech free space

We all need technology every day, but actually we use it too much. It has been predicted that there will be tech free spaces. These spaces will be a relaxing space that you can escape to just for a few minutes. In this space will be everything to just escape the world for a while with your family or just alone. This is great for companies where the workers are surrounded by technology all day.

Tech free space

These are only some of the things that are already happening and that might happen. Everyone has their own opinion about these developments, but homes are already changing and will never stop changing.

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